Architectural types and the variety of components that form networks

In the previous section, computer networks were defined and examples were provided along with the two main types of computer networks based on geographical proximity. Next, the architecture of computer networks and the three main components that form a network are discussed.

Architecture is important to understand as it is…

What are they? What do they do? Why do we need them? Why am I asking you all these questions??

To start, what is a computer network? Well, actually, what is a network? A network means an interconnected group or system. Computer networks are simply a group of two or more computers that are connected via physical cables and/or wirelessly via WiFi.

The intent of a computer network is basically…

Hint: You know more than you think

You know design, you just understand the fundamentals that everything with design has.

You literally see design EVERYWHERE:

  • Websites/Mobile
  • Books/Newspapers/Magazines
  • Video Games

~ The Fundamentals

  • Typography
  • Color
  • Space
  • Visual Hierarchy

Just like learning any language, you must learn the fundamentals

  • Nouns, pronouns, verbs…
  • Design is a visual language — people…

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MS Software Engineering @ GMU. Research and reflections on various topics in systems and software engineering, consciousness, and spirituality

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